So my birthday happens to be in November and I recently received a lovely surprise from Healthworks in my inbox. For all those members who have a birthday in the current month aka ME, Healthworks provides a coupon for a free water bottle, free beverage OR 15% off personal training, spa treatments or café services.

Because I will have ran my 5k Turkey Trot race and because I am the birthday girl this month, I’ve decided to splurge and use my coupon for 15% off a 50-minute massage.

Though I am the type of woman who can count on one hand (ahem, two fingers?) the number of times I’ve had a massage, I think this is the perfect time to get one. I’ll be traveling back from Thanksgiving festivities (family, friends, Turkey Trot) and heading into a stressful holiday season (late nights at work, holiday parties, last-minute shopping), so I think I need/deserve to prepare myself with a little relaxation and I’m excited to share with you my relaxing experience.


Do you have a favorite mode of pampering? How are you getting yourself mentally and physically prepared for the holiday season?