Earlier this week, I was on the phone with a friend of mine who has the opposite problem as me – he is underweight and has a difficult time getting an appetite, even though he knows for his own health that he should eat. He is very aware of his thin body, and has a hard time find clothes that hang correctly, especially with wide shoulders but a very thin torso. What is interesting to me is how we may have an opposite relationship to food and still feel equally awkward with our bodies for opposite reasons.

I think our society is so obsessed with thin that it is easy to forget that very thin people may have a hard time finding clothes or even have others assume that either they are (a) lucky to be so thin or (b) have eating disorders like anorexia. When in fact, people of all sizes struggle to accept their bodies as they are, whether under or overweight according to current medical standards.

Next time you see someone and think that they must love their body exactly as it is, consider that perhaps they have their own concerns about themselves.


What can you do to help yourself and others feel better about our bodies?