Last week, model Kate Moss was quoted as saying in an interview that “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”  I heard about the quote during my spinning workout yesterday as the instructor and fellow Healthworks members discussed it. (Read the article in the Telegraph)  Our instructor, who is one of my favorite teachers, commented to the class that “there are some really great tasting things out there, like peanut butter, or ice cream, or peanut butter ice cream.”  My fellow spinners agreed that the quote was rather absurd and a terrible commentary on the expectation of thinness in our society.  Since Kate Moss gets paid her salary to be as thin as she is, it is easy to see why she would adopt such a motto.  The greater concern, as mentioned in the above article, is that there are pro-anorexia websites and groups out there who have adopted her “motto” in support of their values and goals.

I would love to see someone famous get credit for saying something so radical as “I have to work hard and pay people a lot of money to look like this, and my job depends on it.”  While many more women in Hollywood share that they do use plastic surgeons and pay a nutritionist and personal trainer every day, this information is not out there to the same extent.


What is your motto for your image?