I feel like it’s been so long – and that’s because I haven’t felt well for two weeks! I still haven’t been able to work out, despite my last bright idea. Every time I move at all, I start coughing and coughing, and it takes a good ten minutes to settle down. I feel much better than I did before, and I’ve been going to work and school, I just cannot seem to get rid of this cough! I’ve had plenty of time to sit around and plan and think about my next big event, though, so that’s a plus. Here are my options so far:

  1. Disney Princess Half Marathon- This race is kind of soon – March 7th. My coach ran this half marathon last year when she was getting ready to run the Boston Marathon, and she said it was really fun. It’s women only, and the course runs right through Disney World – the map looks kind of magical, I must say. Plus, Disney World in March; I bet the weather will be perfect, and definitely not too hot! The only cons are expense related: the flight to Florida, hotel, registration, it all adds up, and this looks like it might be expensive.
  2. Vermont Marathon– There are a couple of options here. Run Vermont hosts a half marathon on April 10th, and a full marathon and relay on May 30th. While I don’t think I’m really ready to do a full marathon, the idea of a relay sounds like it could be really fun! The down side to the half marathon is that it is limited to 500 runners; I’ve really enjoyed running with as many runners as possible, thousands! It means there are a lot of spectators and fans supporting all the runners.
  3. Providence Marathon– I’m from Providence, and I think it could be really fun to run the May 2nd half marathon. I bet all my friends and family would be able to come out for this one, and I’m pretty sure I’d feel like a rock star. Plus, it would be kind of cool to run in familiar territory – I could even go to Providence on the weekends to train on the real course! As far as I can tell, there aren’t really any serious downsides to running this race.

Ok, so those are the options up for consideration now. I guess the other thing is that I could probably do more than one of these! The race dates are all close enough that it would be hard to stay in half shape for a week or two, and then just run another one.

Maybe I should just focus on one event at a time!


Have you run any of these events?