I am sitting in the airport on my way to my family for Thanksgiving, and lucky to have free wi-fi right now. A lot of people get stressed about traveling during the holidays, but I think I have been doing that for so long that it just seems to be a part of the journey these days rather than an inconvenience. (Of course, expensive airplane tickets ARE quite an inconvenience compared to the regular fares!) I do my best to go with the flow when it comes to traffic and delays, and remember that a lot of other people are also trying to get to see their loved ones during this week. I don’t usually stress out about the traveling part of the trip, but rather about the seeing family I do not see often and presenting myself (job, body image, relationship status) to them. Even in the hard times, my immediate family members are always there for me and supportive of me and my goals for myself.

A new song by Sarah McLaughlin came through my headphones, and I want to share these inspirational words from “One Dream.”

We can feel a change is coming / like a kiss upon the tide

Breathing life into every heart / the hopeful kind of times

Cause we’ll walk this road together / though at times we felt alone

In the struggle to leave dissent / we find the strength one yet to find


And you know that you can make it

You’ve got the whole world in your hands

And you’ve spent a lifetime working for this moment

And you are shining

You’re all that you wanted to be


What are your dreams for yourself?