The Turkey

I did it!

Thursday morning, at what seemed like the crack of dawn, I ran the Smoke the Turkey 5k Race held in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

What a thrill it was to run in this event. It took me a while to wake up that morning but when our car pulled into the lot at the race site, I felt wide-awake and ready to run. I attribute this to two things: I was with good friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile and I was anxious to see what I could do after training hard for a month and a half.

Group Post Race

After getting my runner’s packet, I pinned my bib on and laced my racing chip to my shoe for accurate time tracking.When my group of friends was ready, we headed to the staging area. Although between my group of friends there was an intense rivalry, we ended up staging closer to the back of the pack. Surrounded by dogs on leashes and double-wide baby strollers, we waited for the crowd to start moving forward so we could start the run and officially start our race.

As I ran, I found that I enjoyed using others to keep pace. I found one man that I followed most of the race because his neon blue and yellow Boston Marathon jacket caught my eye. Needless to say he finished a little (ahem) faster than I did. I also thought it was helpful to stay with my friend, Allie, who invited me to run the race. We took turns bobbing ahead of each other but it was nice seeing that we were neck and neck so to speak, though I must admit defeat – by mere seconds! – graciously. You go, Allie!

My Race Time

I’m sure it was a combination of being surrounded by friends, training relentlessly and the race day adrenaline rush but I was actually shocked by my performance. You may remember that I had planned on trying to finish the race at or around 30 minutes but I actually finished at 27:07! A personal record for me! I’m still on a runner’s high from that feat 🙂

Now with this run under my belt, I’m starting to wonder what will be up next. How will I train now and will I be signing up for another race? I think so.

I just need the help finding the right race to run.

– Kate

Do you have a favorite race? How do you continue to train if a race isn’t in your immediate future?