I woke up early this morning without an alarm so I decided to head to spinning class at Healthworks. It was a challenging class, full of small blocks of work – about 5 minutes each – on gradually increasing hills (which were hard!) and a minute or two of recovery in between. The instructor played a funny song by Weird Al Yankovic called “Grapefruit Diet” which was a parody of “Zoot Suit Riot.” (See the lyrics here) I’m not sure if it was the song or the really great work workout, but I noticed that I was hungrier today than usual!

Finding a way to balance nutritional needs with my workout schedule can be difficult. Of course, I need enough energy to do the workout and get through the day, but I know many people struggle with eating too much after working out. I have a family friend who uses her workout as an excuse to eat more (and sometimes more dessert), but a lot of people who do this often overestimate what they can then eat in calories! Still others see working out as a healthy habit that encourages them to eat healthier as a result.


What is your attitude towards working out and your diet?