A few days before my birthday in October I came down with the stomach bug.  A few weeks later, I was flattened by a terrible cold.  This weekend, it was the migraine that wouldn’t end.  Not to mention the chronic headaches I suffer from on an almost daily basis just wear me down.

I was so hopeful when I started working out at Healthworks that getting fit would help ease up on the headaches and help me stay healthy this fall and winter.  It seems like one thing or another is wearing me down lately.  Am I the only one out there who goes through this?   Just as I get on a roll with working out or really enjoying a certain class weekly, something derails my workout train.

I’m trying to stay positive and upbeat and workout when I feel that my body can handle it.  However, it is so frustrating once you are in that zone to have to take a few days off and then start back up, or in some cases over.  I feel so amazing when I finish a good workout, and I hate to miss that boost of endorphins when I’m feeling ill.


What are your strategies when illness or life issues hinder your workouts?