I saw my aunt and uncle who live in Texas today for dinner, which is always a joy! I don’t get to see them very often because they live so far away. They are vegetarians, like me, so it is fun to talk about vegetarian food with them over a meal. We had delicious Greek food and I tried a few new menu items I had not had in the past.

My aunt and uncle run a lot outside as their main form of exercise, which is much easier to do in sunny Texas! My cousin is in college in Iowa and recently ran a marathon, so we all shared some stories about working out. Since everyone had traveled quite a distance to our Thanksgiving get together, the weather was a big change. They all had planned to involve running outside into their weekend workout, but the weather was not cooperative. My aunt and uncle have not run outside in cold weather in years, so they canceled their plans to complete a turkey trot (4.5 miles), though other relatives still participated. I have not incorporated a good workout into my weekend but am ready to get back into my routine.


When you are traveling, how do you incorporate your exercise routine into your different plans?