I’m excited to get back to my own home and get started on a new plan. I hesitate to use the word “diet” because I know that it is more of a lifestyle change (and it seems so cliche to start one right after the Thanksgiving feast). My mom and I are trying something different to work together to make healthy decisions because we have decided that two are better than one. 🙂 We have both been under a lot of stress and not taking the time we need for ourselves. Not having time for ourselves has meant less time to cook healthy meals (for me) and going walking with friends (my mom).

As a result, today we set individual goals as well as shared goals. I appreciate how we talked through a few of our concerns together and can recognize how we have some habits in common but different concerns. For example, I do not do well when I have a particular goal (such as pounds to lose) but instead need to focus on how I do each day. Because of Healthworks, I also suggested that we incorporate measurements in addition to pounds and clothes size as a way to look at our goals. We have a plan to hold each other accountable regarding our eating and exercising, and we will be celebrating our good work the next time we get together, in about a month over the winter holiday. After Christmas celebrations are over, we are going to spend the morning in a salon just the two of us, perhaps for a mani/pedi or a massage. Having a support system is critical when you are trying to make a change, and we are going to be that support for each other.


What support system do you use to help you reach your goals? How to celebrate when you reach your goals?