Another question I have frequently been asked is about sports bras and how to get a good one so that you are comfortable working out. As a well endowed woman, I understand how this can be an issue that can influence how a woman works out and how she may feel when she does.

Sometimes there is no secret. I personally wear a regular bra under a regular shelf workout bra to offer the best comfort for me and that is affordable for me. There are many other solutions for fuller figures and for anyone who participates in high impact activities. Here are some tips I’ve come up with to help you out.

  1. Get sized. Any good department store like Macy’s can do this or places that specialize in undergarments, like Lady Grace and Victoria’s Secret. If you have a good fit with your regular bra, chances are you will have a better chance getting a sports bra that fits well. Also, they may have some suggestions for sports bras or even offer their own line. (In fact Victoria’s Secret has sports bras now.)
  2. If you know your bra size, you can get a “sized” sports bra. Many retailers like LuLuLemon and Title Nine offer high impact and larger sports bras in the size you may wear normally.

Check out reviews. Many reviews can be found online at the retailer’s website or in magazines such as Fitness or Shape. If you feel comfortable, ask someone at the gym such as a trainer or even someone who is on the treadmill next to you. Trainers and fellow members can be valuable resources.

Try it out. When you try on a sports bra at a store or once you get the package in the mail, run in place, do some jumping jacks and check out how you feel and look in it. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident, return it!


What is your favorite high impact sports bra?

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