As I mentioned previously, I decided to use my Healthworks Birthday gift and get a discounted massage. After training for the Turkey Day 5k and enduring the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought this would be a great way to unwind and refocus for the month of December.

To get ready, I scheduled my appointment online using the MindBody website. I chose a 50-minute personalized massage with Lauren G. and received an e-mail confirmation for my appointment. The day before my appointment, I also received an e-mail reminder.

When I arrived at Healthworks the day of my massage, I checked in with the front desk and received a towel and a white spa robe. I ran upstairs for a quick workout and then came back down to the locker room and got washed up and ready.

Once I was in my white robe, I met Lauren, my masseuse. She asked me if I was there for any specific reason and I let her know that I had been training a lot and had a golf ball size knot in my back. She gave me some privacy so I could get on the massage table and get comfortable.

The special thing about Healthworks is that the massage includes the use of aromatherapy and warm towels – something I hadn’t really thought much about before – but they were so relaxing and a great addition to the massage. One of the techniques that Lauren used for me (because I’m so ticklish!) was to massage my trouble spots quickly and firmly (but not too hard) to distract me from any irritation I was feeling. It totally worked and I recommend asking your masseuse if you have a similar problem.

As Lauren worked out the kinks, I started to relax, almost falling asleep. When my 50 minutes came to a close, Lauren quietly woke me up from my sleepy trance and she let me have time to regroup and get dressed.

My verdict: A massage timed around the holidays was a great choice. I feel refreshed and ready to finish out this year. My only complaint or maybe my suggestion for improvement would be that when the massage ended, I wish that I could have been transferred into another room, a “Nap Room”, if you will, and be left alone to recharge. 🙂