I attended a college student group dance performance last night and truly enjoyed an array of dances to a wide variety of music. Not only is it fun to support people I know in their efforts, but sometimes I watch too much TV and forget how amazing live music, dance and other performance truly is! I enjoyed the dance performance last night because of the wide array of dancer’s skills and body types and sizes as well. It was fun to see women (and a few men) confident in their dance skills and having fun with the music. I particularly like the way lighting can make you watch dance in different ways. For example, I notice that I look differently at the larger group rather than individuals when there is a back light, causing a silhouette of the dancers.

One of the highlights of the evening was my friend saying “I can’t do THAT!” while we watched a group of women do the splits. We all have things we think (or know!) we can’t do, and it is fun to admire those skills in others. Yet I also wonder how much we may hold ourselves back because of the intimidation factor. Next time you see some one else achieve a goal and you think “I can’t do that” – think again! Give it a try, and see what new activities you may enjoy!


What skills do you admire in others?