As a student, my life gets even more hectic than usual around exam time. It always works out in the end, but there’s always a little bit of panic during exams. This week, I worked like a dog. Literally, if I wasn’t actually at work, I was working at home to finish all my papers, projects, and take-home exams. If ever there was a time I needed stress relief, it would be during exams!

Here’s where what I like to call the stress-a-dox comes in. I know that I would feel such relief if I went to work out, it always makes me feel better, more focused, and strong. But when I have such a time crunch working against me, I feel even more stress about the idea of putting my work down for even a little while. It’s like, the more work I have, the more stressed I get, and the more I get done… the more stressed I get – that is, until it’s all done.

This week, all I wanted to do was work out. And I know that people always say that you can carve out one hour, put your work down, and just go to the gym. I didn’t feel like I could do that this week; I went to bed at 1 or so every night, and woke up at 6 in order to squeeze more writing and reading into my schedule. By Friday afternoon, my brain and eyes had had enough of staring at my computer, so I finally made it to one of my favorite classes: Body Defined. And really, after an hour of strength training, I actually felt much better. If only I were better at managing my time, I would be less stressed during the week.


What do you do to deal with life’s stresses?