With the holiday season coming up, I want to really kick my work outs into high gear, knowing well enough that I will be eating and drinking my way through the next month. That’s why I signed up for Andrea’s Build and BURN class Monday in Cambridge. The hour long session and the exercises themselves are intense and help me look good and feel good. In this particular session, I also gained some mental reinforcement for workouts to come.

It happened when Andrea said, “You can do anything for 30 seconds.” That’s what she continued to say for the duration of the class. She reminded us of this while we were racing uphill, performing burpees and holding planks. The more I thought about that fact, that yes, I could do anything for 30 seconds, the easier it was to perform these exercises. Sometimes I find that when I’m doing a longer cardio workout, one where I know I am going to be running a long distance, I tend to play mind games. I discourage myself, or change my goal for the run, usually saying to myself that I will just stop short if I have to. But with this new mantra, going the distance (literally and figuratively) will be more manageable.

Thinking about this shortened challenge, to concentrate only on the next 30 seconds, really helped me build my physical and mental endurance. While working up to a sprint, I just considered how short 30 seconds really was and before I knew it I had worked up to a full sprint, 30 second increments the whole way, and headed back down to a my recovery pace without even noticing. Thirty seconds became nothing.

– Kate

How do you do to get over a mental obstacle while you workout?