I’ve been very excited about training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. My team and I finally started this season’s training! On Sunday, I joined my team for a 40 minute run (I actually ended up going for 44 minutes) at our old training ground in Watertown.

I’ve never really run in the cold before. When I first started to learn how to run last February, doing the Couch to 5k podcast, I ran outside. It was chilly then, but I never ran outside when there was snow on the ground. I also only ran for very short distances. There’s a lot to think about in choosing the right winter gear: leggings, warm socks, wick-away layer, warmth layer, windbreaker, hat, gloves. I don’t actually have a windbreaker, so I wore a sweatshirt over a long sleeved shirt, and by the end of the run I was so hot. I had to take my hat and gloves off long before the end. I’m in the market for a new windbreaker – maybe I’ll wait until things go on sale! Running is a pretty expensive habit…

Sunday’s run was really great. I have a new goal for this season: to run the whole distance. Last time, I did a combination of running and walking at intervals of 5:1. I would really like to take as few walking breaks as possible this time around. On Sunday, I didn’t stop at all, and the difference is amazing. I hit all my usual landmarks 2 minutes faster than I had in the summer, and at the one mile mark my pace was 12:29. That is an excellent goal for me!

Finally, I just want to say how amazing it is to be a part of a team. Although we each run at our own pace, I definitely feel a part of a team when I run with my friends. We have pre-running meetings, with tips and advice, and afterwards we all stretch together. Mostly, it’s that I know that my teammates are pushing themselves, too, to do the best that they can. They inspire and encourage me to keep going. It’s largely because of them that I have the confidence to do this, and the courage to even try.


Do you train with friends?