I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling the rumblings of holiday frenzy lately, which always makes me feel overwhelmed. I love buying presents for my family and friends, but at the same time I struggle with being on a budget, and also being wary of the tendency for people to acquire too much “stuff” that they don’t really need. The minimalist in me wants to make peace with my generous tendencies, so I’ve come up with some ideas for holiday presents that don’t interfere with my ideals of healthy living for people and the planet.

For my immediate family members – mom, dad, brother, and sister (hopefully none of them are reading this and ruining the surprise) I purchased Sigg bottles – the non-BPA lined aluminum bottles that come in a variety of cool patterns. Whenever I’m at home, I notice how much my family relies on plastic bottles, which is wasteful. I’m hoping that they’ll like using their new reusable bottles, and I tried to pick designs that reflected each of their unique personalities.

For my grandmother, I had considered sending a bouquet of Christmas flowers. But while flower arrangements are pretty, they can also be expensive, and don’t last more than a few days. So, I reconsidered and decided to go with a healthy Edible Arrangement instead – fresh fruit and chocolate-dipped fruit, arranged in a pretty display.

I’ve also considered making donations to charities that I support, in honor of friends, and in lieu of physical presents. Some of my favorite local charities include the Healthworks Foundation, which as you probably know, provides free workout facilities and personal coaching for women in Dorchester. Another great organization is yogaHOPE, a Boston-based non-profit that brings yoga to women who are living in homeless and domestic abuse shelters. A lot of local charities, like yogaHOPE, also run holiday online auctions through cMarket, where you can bid on donated items like restaurant gift certificates, Red Sox tickets, salon treatments, etc. It’s a great way to score gifts at cheaper prices while supporting a good cause.


What are your favorite thoughtful holiday gifts?

It is now easier than ever to make a gift to The Healthworks Foundation. Make donations for yourself or your family and friends by visiting the Healthworks Foundation Gift Page.

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