Healthworks Chestnut Hill

I had a great experience last night at my massage at Healthworks. Before the massage, I worked out and lifted weights. Ialso jumped in the jacuzzi for 10 minutes, and then took a hot shower. Finally, the time had arrived! I met up with the massage therapist and immediately began to relax! Candles, scented spray, massage oil… and time spent massaging my sore muscles from working out and from daily life – hunched over a computer, wearing heels, carrying a heavy bag from the store, and so on.

I think the best part of my massage was that the therapist explained any problem areas and noticed tensions in my body of which I was not even aware. The entire experience helped me understand my body more. I enjoyed talking with the therapist, as she explained how every person’s body is a little different, especially due to genetics. A lot of people are too self-conscious to be able to enjoy a massage, but I think it is important to consider that massage therapists see all kinds of bodies, and it can be a liberating experience!


When was the last time that you treated yourself to a massage?

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