I haven’t taken a yoga class in awhile so I figured this week was a good time to switch up my workout routine – which is one of the reasons I love the variety of classes offered at Healthworks. Compared to working on the elliptical or treadmill where I am always thinking about my goal in terms of miles, minutes or calories, yoga is a breath of fresh air. I often forget about how the time is passing during a yoga class and am able to clear my mind of everything but what I am doing with my body.

Since yoga is such an individual activity even within a group class setting, I like that it is “challenge by choice” and I can modify positions to what my body says is working or not. It’s impossible to compare yourself to other people when everyone adjusts positions a little for themselves. I had not practiced yoga in awhile, so even downward dog was not the resting position it was meant to be, and I had to take a few breaks into child’s pose when others around me were still going strong. Yet I know I did my best during the class, and I am feeling my sore muscles today!


What can you do to take a break from your exercise routine?