Since I joined Healthworks, I have taken advantage of the wide variety of classes that are offered. Since September I have had the opportunity to take BodyPump twice. I enjoyed it, but it hasn’t been a priority.

I know the benefits of weight training. A higher metabolism, a more toned body, and stronger bones are just a few benefits and I know that I need to incorporate it more into my workouts. So, when a friend asked me to come along with her to the new BodyPump 72 in Brookline Tuesday night, I readily agreed.

It was just what I needed. As I said before I have been lax lately in getting weight training in, and this class is one I will definitely going back to. It was the perfect mix of arm and leg sets, all while making sure core abdominal muscles are tight and pulled in to support your back.

The class taught by Toni. During the first half Toni frequently came around to check on each of us, to see how we were doing form-wise and encourage us to keep it up. That is one of the things I love about classes at Healthworks; the positive encouragement of the instructors, and their willingness to make sure everyone is working to their fullest potential. A smile and a comment of “Great form!” makes me feel great, like I can do anything I put my mind to.

I am definitely feeling the effects of the workout today, but it’s a reminder of what I did and what I can do. I can make positive changes and choices in my life, not just to lose weight but for my overall long term health.


It was such a great experience that I can’t wait to take another BodyPump class. What is your favorite class to take? Have you taken the new BodyPump yet?