As a way for new members to get better acquainted with Healthworks, the club provides something called the Unstoppable Pass.

Complete the activities on your pass and get a Healthworks T-shirt and water bottle. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

So, what are the activities? Well there are eight total tasks to complete.

Here is what you must do to get your shirt and water bottle:

Healthworks 24/7

Set up an account online with Healthworks 24/7. It’s easy to do and has lots of great resources. You can take a health assessment and use a special nutrition and workout tool to track the food you eat and even find a work out buddy.

Two (2) Personal Training Intro Sessions

Complete two intro sessions with a trainer. This is a great way to learn about the personal training program and get to know the trainers. In these sessions you set up your goals and learn to use machines and other equipment found on the gym floor.


Use your complimentary BURN class to complete interval training: mixing cardio and strength training.

Group Fitness Demo

Take a group fitness demo like the one for Bootcamp. These demos give you a feel for the group workout session.

Strength or Cardio Class

Get your heart rate up by taking a class like Cardio Strike or Body Pump.


Participate in classes such as yoga or Pilates for some soul restoration.


Take a spin class. The club offers intro sessions 15 minutes before most classes. A great workout and soundtrack to get you burning calories!


Have you tried out these activities? What’s your favorite thing about your membership?