I am really lucky: I get to spend the next 3 weeks traveling! On Monday, I’ll make my way to Paris, where I’ll meet up with my sister. She’s spending the year there, studying and working. We’ll spend a few days in Paris, and then jet over to Prague. I have to say, I am really really excited about this part of the trip. It’s supposed to be a beautiful city (and cheap – not on the euro!). After that, we’ll go back to Paris. From there, I’ll leave my sister and go on to Tel-Aviv, where I will be attending a seminar through my graduate program. The seminar is really cool, it’s a traveling seminar, so we move all over Israel for different meetings. Finally, before I head home, I’m going to spend a few days of glorious vacation on the Sinai Peninsula. I’ve never been to Egypt before, so this is really exciting!

There’s a huge challenge in being away from home for so long. I exercise much less, because of restricted access to any facility (sometimes hotels have gyms, this is true. Hostels don’t, though!). I think that while in Europe I will naturally get in a lot of exercise because of how much walking is required. My guidebook says that Prague is a city of hills, and cautions tourists to make sure they bring comfortable walking shoes. In terms of exercise, my time in Israel will be a little more difficult. During the seminar, my time will be very scheduled, and any exercise I’ll do will probably have to happen in the early morning. I hope I can make myself wake up!

Sometimes, the basic fact that I’m not at home in my normal routine makes me feel like I can eat like a fool. I’ll think, “I’m on vacation! I deserve to eat extra dessert,” or, “I’ve never been to this place before, I should try to eat as much of the food as possible!” Anyways, it never bodes well. The good news about Israel is that the produce is so delicious and fresh- I always find myself taking seconds on tomatoes and cucumbers. I run into problems where cheese is concerned, though. I am really worried about France. I think that I’ll be so excited about the prospect of baguette and cheese and wine… and Prague is really famous for its beer.

I think the trick to traveling involves keeping realistic goals for myself. This would involve setting exercise goals for each week, nothing crazy, but definitely something structured. It also involves being food conscious. There are definitely benefits to this – I won’t feel gassy (seriously a problem when traveling…) or as tired. Exercise and healthful food always make me feel more awake. I’ll be able to take in my adventures even better!


How do you stay in shape while traveling?