This past week I tested out Jakki’s Bootcamp Blast. Though my morning started way, way early, I did pick up a new workout technique.

I learned about add-ons and after trying them, I think they are a great way to change up an exercise and work more muscle groups.

An add-on defines itself. You start with one exercise and then add on another and another.

Here’s a good and simple one to try:

1- Inch worm (walk hands from feet out to a plank and then walk hands back to feet) repeat 5-7x

2- Inch worm and push up, add on a push up at the plank stage of your inch worm and then walk hands back (repeat 5-7x)

3- Inch worm, push up, add on T-pose by staying in plank position and raising one arm toward the ceiling, creating a T shape with your body, switch arms and return to plank and inch back (repeat 5-7x)

4- Inch worm, push up, T-pose and then add on a burpee by jumping forward in your plank and then into the air, then jump back into plank and walk hands back (repeat 5-7x)


Do you have an add-on exercise that you like to do?