New Year’s resolutions are obviously a very important aspect of health clubs, as most common resolutions have to do with losing weight, sticking to an exercise program, etc. In my experience, this means large crowds flocking to the gym in the beginning of January, and then eventually petering out by mid-February. I read recently that only 20% of people actually end up keeping their resolutions!

So the good news is that consistent gym-goers will probably see attendance return to normal in about a month or so.

The bad news, of course, is for those 80% of people who end up making resolutions without sticking to them. If you are serious about making an improvement in your life, now can be a great, motivating time to make a commitment.

The old advice about sticking to resolutions is true – start small. Really, really, small, in my opinion. The only New Year’s resolution that I ever actually stuck with was committing to flossing my teeth every single night. That’s it. (Flossing, incidentally, is one of those habits that takes about one minute a day, but is actually very important to overall health.)

Unimpressive, you might thing, but it is the manageable quality that makes it work. So you already floss your teeth? Commit to doing 20 crunches on a stability ball at the end of every workout. Take one group exercise class a week. Stretch in the morning. Whatever tiny improvement you could make in your life with minimal effort, pledge to do it.

Happy New Year!


What manageable resolutions do you make?