Even though it’s the New Year, the cold weather in Boston makes it difficult for me to motivate myself myself to the gym– even a really nice gym like Healthworks! As a morning exerciser, I’m faced with freezing cold temperatures and zero sunlight, so, not surprisingly, my body is a tad lethargic first thing in the morning. Most mornings, however, the thought of a pre-workout snack typically encourages me to get my butt out of bed. I guess, food really motivates me!

When it comes eating before the gym, I have my usual go-to snacks, but ever since I started working at NuVal, I’ve become much more conscious of what I put into my body. NuVal helps me make better decisions about the foods I eat.

What is NuVal, you ask? NuVal is a Nutritional Scoring System (based right outside Boston) that does the nutritional heavy lifting for you. The NuVal System scores food on a scale of 1-100. NuVal helps you see – at a glance – the nutritional value of the food you buy. The higher the NuVal Score, the better the nutrition. It’s that simple. Now, you can compare overall nutrition the same way you compare price. You can even compare apples and oranges.

So, what does this mean when it comes to exercise? Basically, NuVal Scores summarize nutritional information into one simple number between 1 and 100, which helps me pick more nutritious choices for my pre-workout snack.

Here are just a few “trade-ups” that I’ve made to my morning snacks:

Go-To Snack: Toasted Arnold Country Wheat (NuVal score: 28) with Teddie Super Chunky (NuVal score: 38) smeared on top.

Trade-Up: Toasted Arnold 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin (NuVal score: 37) with Teddie Smooth UnSalted (NuVal score: 49) smeared on top.

Go-To Snack: Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt (NuVal score: 39) with Kashi Go Lean Crunch (Nuval score: 33) mixed in

Trade-Up: Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt (NuVal score: 91) with Kashi 7 Whole Grain Cereal Puffs (Nuval score: 90) mixed in

Go-To Snack: Luna Sunrise Vanilla Almond Bar (Nuval score: 27)

Trade-Up: Larabar Cherry Pie (Nuval score: 40)

NuVal isn’t available in the Boston area yet, but hopefully, it will be soon. If you would like to see the NuVal system in your grocery store, you can suggest it here.

If you have any questions about NuVal, please don’t hesitate to contact me at thaupert@nuval.com.