Prague has been absolutely beautiful. It’s a very old city, with architecture dating to the 900s, a city with a violent and bloody history. My sister and I came to Prague not sure what we would find, and fell in love with the city.

I should start by saying that despite the freezing temperatures, we’ve been spending a majority of our time outside. I’ve been wearing a lot of layers – something I’ve learned from winter-time running – with tights under my pants and a sweatshirt under my coat. It’s really wonderful to be out of doors, away from computers and work assignments! We found a free walking tour of the city, which was a great introduction to its history and major landmarks. We’ve been spending 6 or 7 hours a day walking, and we have covered a lot of ground – it’s funny that we haven’t spent very much time at all in museums or inside any of these historic sites, but rather taking the time to really get a feel for the lay of the land. My feet are so tired from all our walking, and my legs definitely have that post-workout tension, but it feels really good to be on such an active vacation. I was really worried about the pitfalls of vacation, but this has gone really well!

I have not really enjoyed the food in Prague. It has been difficult to find decent vegetarian food (I’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years), and everything is very heavy. My sister is not a vegetarian, and she says that her dishes aren’t much better. She decided to be adventurous and order a Czech specialty, and ended up with an entire duck on her plate! We did find a vegetarian restaurant and bar, which has been by far the best food I’ve eaten in this country! If you’re ever in Prague, you should check out Radost Café – yum!


I’ll write from Tel Aviv next! Israel, here I come!

– Hannah

In your experience, what are the most vegetarian-friendly travel destinations?