As a new member of HW, I was given two free training sessions and then offered a special rate on another three. At first I thought that that would do me—five sessions would be enough to get me started and from there I could continue on my own. Then I took a long, hard look myself and this was what I saw.

I saw a woman with a decades-long record of exercise avoidance—a woman who hadn’t ever been successful at sticking with an exercise regimen for longer than two weeks.  Five sessions? Who was I kidding? I also saw a chatty, social woman who attempts to interact with almost anyone of any age who makes eye contact–someone who has actually been known to talk to friendly-looking animals when no humans are available. A woman for whom going to the gym day after day and working out all alone would be her own personal definition of hell. All alone? Fat chance!

Bonnie L.

And then I met my trainer—Bonnie Lefrak and it was clear she knew right away whom she was dealing with—a woman who was looking for any excuse to quit. She also knew that I needed to be allowed to talk. Therefore, from the beginning, she leavened the work with enough chitchat to make the time fly by.  (Frankly, at 255 pounds it didn’t take much to get me winded, so there were frequent breaks.) So, at the end of the five sessions, I broke open my piggy bank and bought myself 20 more. I am now coming to the end of those and will continue—this time saving a bit by buying express sessions. Not much time for talking in a 30-minute session but no longer so much need either.

I am now very glad that I was wise enough not to try to “go it alone.”

– Cheryl

Is “going it alone” a challenge for you?