A dance class

One of the great things about a Healthworks membership is the variety of exercises you can do on any given day.  You can dance, run, bounce or ride yourself to a better body.

Because of these options, I’ve really been trying to do more than my usual run on the treadmill and strength training routine.  In addition, I’ve been adding yoga workouts to my regimen and playing team sports such as basketball and volleyball once a week.

I find that doing different activities helps work different parts of my body.  When I run on the treadmill I build endurance in my legs for longer runs.  In basketball, I sprint shorter distances.  For volleyball, I jump and tend to squat a lot more and I give my arms a work out.  In yoga, the movements are slower and have less impact but I focus on building my core.   The best part is that over the last 3 months as a member, I have noticed a difference in my ability to hold poses and jump higher from the training I have done at Healthworks but I also think I am going to do my body a favor by keeping it moving by playing sports and mixing up my workout.

 – Kate

What sort of activities do you like to throw into your workout regimen?