My doctor applauded me today. I have lost almost 30 pounds in two and a half months. While I am very happy for my progress, I am actually prouder that I have kept my commitment to myself. I have stayed on my low carb, low calorie diet and, more importantly, exercised consistently for 10 weeks! This last is unprecedented in my life.

I can’t believe that I am actually doing this and am holding my breath to see if it will continue. That seems silly I know—I mean I am the one who will continue or not. It’s in my control. However, I am still afraid that something will happen to make me quit. (In 2004, I was doing well on WW until the November elections threw me for a loop. I stopped dieting and gained back the weight I had lost! One more thing to hold against G.W. Bush!)

To try to avoid disaster, I have created a 12-month plan for diet and exercise.  (Actually since the diet doesn’t change, it’s really about exercise.) It outlines things such as how many times a week I am going to go to HW, how much walking I am going to do etc.  I’ve made it so that things slowly increase. For example, I move from 5 hours of cardio a week now, to 6 next month.  (My doctor wants me to get to 7 hours of cardio a week + weight training.) Mind you this exercise is not all done at the gym. I walk a lot outside and that counts too.

I’ve also put in some special goals. When I started, I told Bonnie that I wanted to take a Zumba class (I love to dance) but I knew I was too out of shape to attempt it. We made a pact that we would both do Zumba for my birthday in late February.  I also plan to walk a 5 K in the spring with my daughter and her boyfriend and in April I am going to buy a bike and start riding around the city. The important thing about my plan is that it emphasizes what I am going to do—not how much weight my body is going to lose. There is a line at the bottom where I put my weight loss estimates, but I know that it’s not totally within my control.

– Cheryl