I woke up this morning feeling a little groggy.  The past week has been brutal.  Despite it being a short week, I was exhausted by Wednesday and looked forward to the weekend. Though I felt a little unmotivated (to say the least!) about working out, I got up this Saturday morning and dragged my butt over to Healthworks for Build and BURN with Regan C. I came in a little sleepy but jumped on the treadmill anyway.  After warming up, we started out working on sprints.  The sprints looked something like this:

 –          Recovery speed for 30 seconds
 –          65% of full out sprint speed for one minute
 –          Recovery speed for 30 seconds
 –          75% of full out sprint speed for one minute
 –          Recovery speed for 30 seconds
 –          90% of full out sprint speed for one minute

 For strength, we did a circuit of strength moves, performing each exercise for one minute:

–          Plank with alternating arm row
–          Mountain climbers
–          Bosu balance with core twist
–          Resistance squat for inner thighs
–          Backward lunge with shoulder press

From here we went on to hills, starting from a 1% incline, slowly up the hill to a 7% and then back down to 1%.  In this exercise we increased the incline while trying to maintain the same speed. After the hill, we went back to the gym floor to complete the strength circuit again.  Then we returned to the treadmill for one last hill with a full out sprint down hill at the end.  We followed up the running with some core work (variations of planks). The entire time we exercised, Regan was very attentive wanting to know how we were feeling and how we were doing. 

A BURN class in session

To my surprise, I felt energized after the workout.  Another member agreed with me saying that we felt better after the workout compared to how we felt walking in that morning. I left the class feeling refreshed and energized and in a way well rested.  After completing the class, I was ready to take on a long Saturday filled with errands and going out with friends.

 – Kate

What do you do to make yourself feel more energized?