Sometimes life and work can get in the way of playtime for me and of course, that makes me sad.  Because of this fact of life, I wanted to share a cool website that I’ve found to be useful for getting back into the things that I like to do, especially the team sports I used to play regularly.  

I mentioned early on that I am a volleyball player.  I began playing as a kid in middle school and I find it to be the best all around sport to play because not only does it take physical skills but it also takes some smart and sometimes sneaky thinking.  Either way, I love to play the sport but I’ve found it difficult to find others who play it, too.  And that’s obviously a problem when you want to play a team sport like volleyball.  That’s where the website has saved the day.

With over 68,000 “meet-up” groups throughout the country,  Meetup’s goal is to organize people locally.  Meetups are gatherings of people with a similar interest such as playing volleyball, watching movies or reading fiction.  It is a great tool for those who want to be active because there are so many fitness-related meetups.  For me, I found a great volleyball meetup in my neighborhood and have started meeting new people each week I attend.  Getting people together to share in a similar interest has never been easier.  Not to mention you can also get in a fun workout, too!

There is something for everyone including walking/running groups, beginner sports get togethers and yoga meetups.  Take a second and check out the site.   Happy Meetup!

 – Kate

What kind of groups have you found that suit your interests?