So it’s only Tuesday and this week has already been crazy busy.  I’ve met a few new people through my volleyball meet-ups, which have turned into new leagues and tournaments to play in.  It’s a lot of fun but there is also a major social aspect (think: eating/drinking) to these newfound friendships, so I lately I’ve felt like I’ve fallen off the healthful eating wagon just a bit. Thankfully, I had signed up for Sunny’s Tuesday night Core BURN to help me counterattack those extra calories, especially the ones that sit in my core region. 

Sunny ready to pump us up!

Here are some of the highlights:

After the normal warm up, we worked on hills with bursts of speed for about ten minutes.

Coming off the treadmills, we did a circuit of eight core moves on the exercise and Bosu balls.  We performed each move for 30 seconds.

1)     Plank on the exercise ball

2)     Rolling plank on the exercise ball

3)     Boat pose extension on the Bosu (extend legs straight)

4)     Corkscrew extension on the Bosu (extend legs side to side like a corkscrew)

5)     Back extension with hands behind head on exercise ball

6)     Back extension with arms extended in the air on the exercise ball

7)     Leg extension on Bosu with legs extended straight back

8)     Leg extension on Bosu with legs in a V formation

After this circuit, we hopped back on the treadmill and worked on sprints slowly adding an incline to continue to work our glutes and hamstrings.  We ran for about ten minutes.

Heading up the hill...

Our final circuit of strength included doing each of the following for 30 seconds:

1)     Knee roll-ups on the exercise ball

2)     Planks with a moving exercise ball

3)     Planks on the Bosu (upside down) with a Burpee-style jump

4)     Rolling planks on the Bosu (upside down) rocking side to side and front to back

For our last turn on the treadmill, we ran it out for 5 minutes, starting with our 5k pace.  During the last run we sped up to “catch a friend” and then returned to our race pace.  Finally, we sprinted out the last leg of the race finishing hard.

In my opinion, a very good workout for a BURNed out girl!

– Kate

What do you do to get back or stay on track even when you get thrown off your routine?