It feels so nice to be back in the groove of training. I honestly can’t believe how soon my Disney Princess Half Marathon is – it’s only a little more than a month away! It is really starting to feel like a reality. One of my friends even bought me a tiara for the occasion (I have run in costume before, but never with a tiara, so this is looking to be pretty exciting… and sparkly).

Last Sunday, my team and I gathered to run the Newton Hills. Just to set the tone, I should let you know that it was 14 degrees on Sunday morning, and for the first half hour of my run, I actually could not feel my toes. I think I need to invest in some warmer wick-away socks! Running in such cold weather is very challenging; normally, as your body moves your muscles warm up, but when it is so cold, it feels like all of your energy is going straight out to the atmosphere. It also makes you feel really stiff.

Cold weather aside, it was really exciting to run down Commonwealth Ave, and I very much got the sense that I was in the midst of a running community. There were so many runners out that morning, all training for the Boston Marathon on the actual course. Even though I’m not running in the Boston Marathon, it was still powerful to feel a part of something so big and connected with so many different people. I ran for 2 hours, up and up and up hill, and finally reached the peak of Heartbreak Hill before turning around. Heartbreak Hill isn’t actually that big of a hill, but it occurs at mile 20 of the Boston Marathon, just as many runners hit the dreaded wall. I honestly can’t imagine running up Heartbreak Hill after moving for 20 miles (which is a really far distance). I hit the hill at mile 4, and that was challenging enough!

– Hannah

My running team and I will be training in Newton this weekend – will I see you on the course?