Another cold snap this week, brr! I’ve spent the past two weekends hibernating in my apartment on account of the cold weather. I still managed to make it to the gym a few times, but I’ve mostly been maintaining homebody status while waiting for the thaw.

To keep myself entertained indoors, I’ve taken up a few healthy hobbies: cleaning, and playing games. Why are these healthy? While cleaning burns calories (think sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc.) the effect of de-cluttering is also very mentally healthy. I find that it’s much easier to feel relaxed at home when the house is neat, and there aren’t miscellaneous piles tucked away in corners. I’ve taken to clearing my closets of old clothes that I don’t wear anymore (including my “skinny” pants – never a good idea to keep those around for too long), and selling good quality items to consignment stores, or giving away to Goodwill. Another new healthy indoor hobby is playing games. Not the high-tech video or computer games, but old fashioned games like mancala, dominoes, and poker, as well as brain exercisers like crossword puzzles. I love being able to be entertained at home without getting sucked into a mindless TV marathon. And learning new games, especially ones that involve strategy, help keep my mind in shape.

I love dominoes

– Jean

What indoor activities can you do to keep yourself stimulated and healthy during these winter months?