If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that cardio is not my favorite. But while I find the bike a bore, dislike the treadmill and consider the elliptical punishment, there is one machine that strikes even great fear into my heart—the Stepmill!

For the past three months, I have watched fellow exercisers struggle on this diabolical machine while I pedaled away nearby. I have also heard my daughter’s stories of the torture of stepping. I thought I was safe from this particular torment because my knees aren’t great. But last week Bonnie said, “Okay. It’s time to try the Stepmill.” I whined about my knees and she pointed out that I walked upstairs without a problem. I cried that the first step was too high! I was too short! It was too scary! She wasn’t buying any of it. “Two minutes,” she said. “Just two minutes.”

So I clambered up onto the dreaded machine and began “climbing.”  As anyone could have predicted, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined. Of course, I was on about level 2—but I was doing it—just like all of those other folks I had seen. I did my two minutes and hopped off—very proud of myself. One more challenge conquered!

The dreaded Stepmill...not so bad after all!

– Cheryl

Which cardio machine is your least favorite?