One of my strategies for going to the gym lately has been to find a workout buddy. Recently, I went to Fitness Flashback with my friend, J., and we had a lot of fun dancing to 90s pop songs. This week, another friend, E. and I went to Zumba together – it was great! First of all, I can’t say enough how much I love love love Zumba. But part of what was so fun about going this week was that I had a friend with me. I accidentally stepped on her toe (I am just that coordinated), and we shared a laugh and a high five in the middle of class.

My first ever workout buddy...she inspired me to lose almost 60 pounds.

Sometimes going to workout with a friend gives me a little extra push – in Zumba, I definitely added a little bounce to my step, and kept me going for the entirety of the class. I knew that E. was right there, and that she was pushing herself, too, so I had to just keep going! Over the summer, my friend A. and I used to go to spinning classes together (sadly, she’s since moved away), and that was really helpful to me, and forced me to think about my form and endurance – she’s so athletic and has been spinning for years. In fact, she’s the one who got me to try spinning in the first place.

I think that at sometimes, going by myself is enough of a challenge – especially when I’m feeling really motivated to compete against myself, and really push myself to go the hardest I can. Sometimes, though, I get tired, and think that I’ll just relax for this song, and take it easy. That’s why I like having a friend in the room. You won’t catch me dozing in front of J., E., or A.! I always benefit from a little extra competition, whether its real or imagined.

Do you have a gym buddy? What’s your system?

– Hannah