When I joined Healthworks this past fall, I was at a point of utter exasperation and boredom with my workouts.  I was still dealing with a stress fracture (my second of the year), and had at least a couple more weeks where my workouts out of necessity were relegated to low-impact.  The gym I belonged to at the time did not offer classes, and so my workouts consisted solely of the elliptical and stationary bike.  I knew that, even when I did start running again, I would need to very very gradually increase my running, and therefore needed to be more engaged in my low-impact workouts.  While I have always considered myself a solitary exerciser, I knew I needed something to distract me from elliptical drudgery. 

With my injury, my orthopedist had given me the go-ahead to do any sort of low impact exercise, including spin class, as long as I did not stand up on the bike too much.  (And of course, the edict to stop exercise if anything hurt was still in place.)  That was enough incentive for me to get a couple trial passes at HW, and take a Sunday morning spin class with Tara B.  And then a Tuesday evening class with Kathryn Z.  I was hooked.  Immediately.  We’re talking love at first bike ride.  I had always considered myself a solitary exerciser.  Long distance running put me in my own world where I could zone out and follow my own pace.  Even the sports I participated in growing up, although on teams, were sort of individual sports: skiing and tennis (singles, of course).  So, it was outside of my tendencies to actually like a collective group exercise, and I’m so glad I got over my presumptions. 

"Power and endurance!"

What I love about spin:

  • It makes me sweat.  A lot!  Like, puddles.
  • I didn’t have any machine showing me calories and stats.  All I know is that I am working hard, which is actually a big step for me mentally as I’ve always been overly-fixated on numbers when exercising. 
  • You can go at your own pace and push yourself as hard as you want/can.  Beginners and expert bikers all get a great personalized workout. 
  • All the instructors at HW seem to be engaged and concerned with the wellbeing of their classes.  I’ve since been to other health clubs while out of town/travelling, and was surprised that not all spin instructors ask their class if they need help setting up their bikes. 
  • The music!  I’m not typically a pop music fan, and can be sort of snobbish about listening to indy music, but sometimes a girl just needs a little Pink in her life to kick butt.  And, hey, if Fergie tells me tonight’s gonna be a good night, that is enough to get me through the 6 am hour.
  • The messages the instructors convey, especially as they are sweating alongside you.  Some of my favorite motivational quotes: “Power and endurance!” “You can do anything for two minutes.” “Strong Legs!”  Also, having an instructor help you to “visualize” a course strangely helps me to focus.  It takes me back to my team sport days, having a coach there pushing you the entire time.

Since joining HW, I’ve branched out in my fitness regime, and I’m sort of impressed with how adventurous this routine-driven girl can be.  So far, I’ve tried Urban Rebounding and Body Pump.  Next on my list: Yoga and Core Express. 

What are your favorite classes you’ve tried at Healthworks?