My friend Nikki recently purchased the Healthworks Groupon (24 day passes for $24) – What a great deal by the way!  She lives close to me in Somerville and knows I enjoy a good class at Healthworks so Tuesday morning we got together for the 6:15 a.m. Body Defined class.

Defining our bods with a Bosu

Let me just say this class reminded me of a few muscles that I have been neglecting, especially now as I reflect on/feel it the day after.  Our instructor, Tavia, who was subbing in for Kathryn L., was great!  She kept us motivated throughout the class but more importantly, she helped work some body parts I have ignored.  In addition to lunges and push-ups on the Bosu, hammer curls and a chest press with a glute bridge, there was one move that I’m really feeling today.  While we were doing the exercise, I felt that it was a good challenge but the actual idea behind the exercise was quite simple. First, step up onto your Bosu ball, then with one leg at a time kneel down on to the ball.  When you are on both knees, you try to step back up on the ball.  

As easy as it sounds to kneel and step up, the Bosu really changed up the exercise.  Working everything from my hips and core to my ankles and quads, this move was  a total body workout.  I thought this was especially good and timely because of the balance and core exercise you get.  With the impending snowstorm it will be good to work on balance and stability, so try a few of these “step and kneel” exercises to make sure you’re ready for the icy driveways and sidewalks to come.  Your abs and back will be happy (if not a bit sore) .