Sadly, I’ve been sick and out of commission for the past week or so. What started out as a cold has turned into strep throat and a nasty virus. So I’m home from work, in my pjs, taking it easy with some penicillin and ibuprofen. The old adage “if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything,” is so true – usually we don’t value how good it feels to be healthy until we aren’t! I’ve noticed that quite a few other people that I know have been sick lately too, so as a general PSA – keep washing your hands and wiping down the HW equipment!

If you’re sick like I am, I recommend filling up on tea and chicken noodle soup, and keeping yourself rested, but also take the time to do a little bit of stretching. As a yoga teacher and avid yoga student, I am always trying to incorporate even a little bit of yoga into my daily routine, and being sick is no exception. Laying in bed and being inactive is necessary in order to heal, but it also allows your muscles to become contracted and very stiff. Just a few gentle poses are enough to help your body feel a little more relaxed and normal. Today I practiced a little “sick” yoga routine that I recommend. It included:

– 1 slow sun salutation
(downward dog to plank, low pushup, upward-facing dog, back to downward-facing dog, then stepping forward, standing up and stretching tall)

– Rag doll (stand with your feet apart, knees bent, and let your upper body hang forward)

– A few cat/cow tilts

– Childs pose, stretching from side to side a bit

– Forward seated fold

– Fish pose (with a pillow beneath your back, to help open your chest)

– Supine twist

– Viparita kirani, preferably with legs against the wall, and a towel across your eyes

If you’re not familiar with some of these poses, you can find explanations of the poses on the Yoga Journal website. Stay healthy!

– Jean

What exercises do you do when you’re sick?