Pumping iron in the AM

In the middle of the bicep track during Body Pump recently, I had a thought.  I was smiling out at thirty women pumping iron to rock music at six in the morning, and I wondered whether people in their lives—people they encounter outside the gym—know about their secret Body Pump life.  Do the people they work with know how good they are at push-ups?  Do their children know how they endure five minutes of squats, working their legs until they shake under the weight of the bar? It probably seems like a strange thing to wonder about.  But imagine the super hero who wears regular street clothes, walking around completely unnoticed until something requires that super-human strength be revealed to everyone’s awe and amazement!

You laugh, yet I see this in the women who take my Body Pump class.  I see how hard they work, how they wake up so early it’s still dark outside, and how they sweat through lunges and chest presses.  They grit their teeth and heave 25-pound bars over their heads.  They are tough—and determined each week to do more dips or hold a longer plank. 

 I doubt they show off their hard-earned muscles, but those toned triceps and defined deltoids are there – hiding under sweaters and business suits as these gals go about the rest of their days with energy gained from a challenging morning workout.  When strength is needed, they’ll be ready. I wish I could give them each a cape and some shiny silver boots!

– Sarah