One of my serious obstacles during my last half marathon in September was that even though I trained a lot, I never really knew exactly how far I was running. When race day finally came, I was actually more unprepared than I had thought I would be. Two weeks before the race, I ran what I thought was 12 miles (according to a website I use to map all my distances), so running 13.1 should have been a breeze. But it wasn’t! In fact, the race was brutally painful. I came to the conclusion that I never really knew how far I was going.

I have some pretty cool running gear. I recently succumbed to peer pressure and bought a Nike+ SportBand; so many of my friends have them, and it seemed like a really useful tool to have. Basically, the SportBand is a fancy pedometer – but it’s so much more! With the SportBand, I’ve been able to calculate my distances better. It also tells me my pace, which is crucial information.

This past weekend, I really pushed myself. After all, race day is in T-13 days (yikes!) and I really want to feel good about this race. I was visiting a friend in Toronto, and didn’t know the area very well, so I just started running and kept on going. It’s interesting to look at the Nike+ data after a run.

A snapshot of my results

From the website, I can see that I started out pretty strong, but slowed way down once I hit some hills, and really slowed down by the end of the run. In fact, I slowed so much that my overall pace was dragged down. From this, I’m getting that I need to be more consistent in my run. Instead of starting too fast, I need to be a little more even in my pacing, so that I can prevent myself from hitting that dreaded wall (and I definitely hit it last week. It’s terrible, my muscles freeze up and my legs feel like 100 tons of bricks).

– Hannah