So yesterday was my 61st birthday. I had a goal of 210 by my birthday day and missed it by two pounds but that’s okay. I’ve come a long way and have even longer to go, so I’m fine with my progress. Besides, I am trying to measure success by more than just the scale–a fickle friend to say the least. I have so much more energy–fit in some size 16 clothes–and generally feel optimistic about myself and my life–so what the scale says is (almost) inconsequential.

I was taken to dinner at Sorellina by family and friends. It’s a lovely place and the food was fabulous. I had already told myself that I could eat whatever I wanted. The most difficult part was deciding what I would order. In the end, I had a fabulous raw tuna appetizer, pasta with meatballs for the entree and chocolate mousse for dessert. I also ate their delicious bread, drank champagne and shiraz–my favorite wine. Like most fine restaurants, Sorellina doesn’t serve mammoth portions–it certainly wasn’t the Olive Garden’s endless pasta bowl. So there was less than cup of pasta and while there were four delicious meat balls they were quite small. In the end, I was very full and a bit tipsy (I usually don’t drink much) but felt satisfied and not gluttonous.

Of course then this morning I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get to training by 7. I came within a whisker of canceling, but decided that I would feel like I’d really let myself down if I did. I did allow myself to take a taxi–I always walk, but it was raining and I was hung over. I did the training and am now waiting for the Zumba class to begin. I had promised myself that I would be ready to take classes by my birthday. So here I am.

– Cheryl