I’ve been keeping very busy lately.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love to play sports and recently I have joined a couple leagues during the week to keep me active.  So as it stands right now, I’m playing on three teams (one volleyball, one dodgeball and one basketball) and then working out as much as I can the rest of the week.  On top of that, work continues to be challenging and I do my best to be social as well. Overall, I sometimes feel like this about food when I get home from a game or a workout…

All joking aside, I do feel rather ravenous after so much activity and I am tempted to eat whatever I have in my fridge or cabinets.  Luckily though, more often than not (I do have weak moments!), I find the restraint and decide to “overindulge” on something good and I would like to share this delicious discovery with you.

It’s pretty simple (aka time-efficient for me!) and may not be a “Eureka!” moment for most. In any case, I love vegetables.  Love them to the point where when I don’t have them I crave them!  But I don’t have the time or energy right now to buy fresh vegetables and clean and cut them up (I love to do this when I do have time, but these last couple weeks have not given me the opportunity!).  Even with the best intentions I sometimes waste perfectly good veggies and I would rather save some cash and not waste.  Here comes the solution: frozen vegetable steamer bags from the supermarket (cheap and filling!).


In moments of little or no time, I pop the steamer bag in the microwave, drain and pour into a bowl.  Then I pop a lean frozen entrée into the microwave right after and mix in with my vegetables, creating a larger meal and an opportunity for me to fill up on something good for my body.

What are some quick  food fixes you enjoy?

 – Kate