It’s been hectic lately, and I haven’t been at a hundred percent this week.  I’m still dragging from a weekend conference which was, while absolutely fun, totally exhausting.  My muscles are stiff and I have a scratchy throat that I hope is only from teaching without a microphone and not a sign of impending illness.

But I do not write today to vent or complain.  I write today to say that YOU are the reason I’ve been able to get through this week.  Each time I’ve gone to the gym to teach a class, you’ve walked through those studio doors smiling, asking what we’re going to do for our workout or what music I’ll be playing.  You tell me how thrilled you are about your legs feeling stronger or your injury getting better.  You ask a meaningful question that shows me your workout means something to you. 

You give your full effort through squats and jumping jacks and complicated choreography, and you impress me with your endurance—with your drive to improve.  You keep me going when I want to stop or when my legs start to feel like giant jello-y puddles.  I take pride in knowing my job is to motivate you, but it heartens me incredibly to feel that inspiration from you.  If I were a set of dumbbells, today you would be lifting me up.

Thank you.