I’ve lived in the Boston area for almost 6 years.  Though my parents have visited once or twice a year since I started school out here, not many of my family members, especially my cousins, have been able to make the trip out east. After all of my begging and coercing, things have finally changed and this past week, I’ve had my two cousins, Leigh and Anne, as visitors.  Fortunately for me, my aunts and grandmother decided to come along and explore the city with the girls while I work during the day.

Throughout the week, they have seen the best of Boston – the customary trip to Ye Old Union Oyster House, a walk along the Freedom Trail, “making way for the ducklings” in the Common, etc.   Before and after work hours have been a less traditional exploration of the Best of Boston.

For a fun evening activity, I decided to bring Leigh and Anne to my Tuesday night dodgeball league.  As added entertainment, it was theme night, so we dressed up in our best Jimmy Buffet “Parrot Head” gear.  Leigh is a theater major so she was responsible for our team “war paint” and Anne, a former softball player, was responsible for throwing the heat during our matches.  Both were a success!

 Finally I wanted to show my cousins what I do on a typical day because I don’t usually gorge on oysters and bar food, surprisingly.  We woke up early and went to Healthworks to see where I work out.  Leigh, the singer/dancer/actress of the family, enjoyed a “butt-kicking Pilates class!”  (Direct quote!) while Anne and I hit the treadmill and the free weights together, adding up some mileage and toning up.  A good workout seemed necessary after enjoying all the wonderful food Boston has to offer. It was nice to get to share with them the ways that I stay active while living in the city and I think it opened them up to some new ideas for them to work out.  It also provided some fun memories to have while I’m away from my family.

– Kate

Do you share fitness time with family members?  What are some of your favorite activities to do together?