I had to go to the dentist this week: Ick.  Of course I love how squeaky clean my teeth feel after my appointment, but the dread leading up to my visit and the potential pain which can occur during the visit always seem to detract from the positive outcome I will eventually enjoy.  And now that I’m thirty, my gums have decided to revolt.  No matter how much I try to be a good little flosser, and no matter how well I follow the periodontist’s directions, I can’t seem to get my hygienist to give me an ‘A’ (other than for effort) grade at my appointments.

This kind of frustration is something I’ve heard women express about their gym experience.  They feel like they do the right thing by going to the gym and watching their diets, but they just don’t see the results they were expecting.  When working out feels like a chore, it is that much more frustrating when the benefits fail to appear.  I know people give up for this very reason – they have very little time to exercise, it’s not enjoyable, and they don’t see any change – so they quit.  When I’m tired, and all I want to do is go to sleep, the last thing I want to do is spend ten minutes going through my gum-care regimen.   But I have kept at it.  I am determined that next time I go to the dentist, they will give me a gold star and, even better, I’ll have a healthier smile.

It’s the same with the gym.  I know it’s not always fun, and the results may not be immediately visible, but good things ARE happening.  Our bodies are getting healthier and stronger.  There are hidden benefits, and it’s only a matter of time before they show.  Plus, I always say, if your workout isn’t fun, come to a class – we’ll make it fun.  I’ll smile all the way through class with my clean white teeth!