My name is Jesse McKenna, and I am excited to share my story with you! A year and a half ago I had a life changing experience. I traveled to Tanzania to live and volunteer at an orphanage. I fell in love with the children, but was overwhelmed with the extreme poverty and lack of health outside of the walls of the orphanage. I returned to the States with a new goal, to begin a graduate program in International Public Health,  which would provide me with the skills necessary to go out into the developing world and improve the health of disadvantaged populations. 

Jesse with three kids from the orphanage

I am currently in my second semester at Boston University’s School of Public Health. As part of my program, I am required to complete an internship, and have decided to return to Tanzania to work for the Foundation for African Medicine and Education, a health clinic that serves rural Tanzanians. I will be designing and implementing a health education curriculum for villagers who attend mobile health clinics.  I believe this internship will be an excellent way for me to apply the skills I am learning in the classroom to real life situations.

 While I have received one scholarship to help me pay for this program, I am still working to raise enough money to travel to Tanzania and pay for my room and board during my internship.  I am reaching out to members of the Healthworks community for assistance. If you personally or your company is interested in supporting me (no amount is too small), I would be incredibly grateful. I am happy to provide my resume, references, and contact at my internship for further information. 

Thank you!

– Jesse McKenna
Healthworks Cambridge Member