I am so excited!

The Healthworks Running Club kicked off this week and it was a hit! HOORAY!

On Monday morning, we had a group of girls meet at Healthworks-Cambridge at 8 am. They did 3 miles together and had a blast.

And then yesterday (Tuesday), we had another group meet at Back Bay at 6 pm. Yep, we ran in the rain! Everyone did awesome! Most people did 3 or 5 miles. We had a few who ran shorter but it doesn’t matter. The goal is to get outside and run!

I got really jazzed yesterday as we ran around getting ready for the run in Back Bay. I made big, loud announcements over the PA system. I  zipped through did my daily 100 crunches (had already done my daily 50 push-ups in the morning!) and made Hannah K. do them with me. (And she liked it!) There we are below, I’m in the blue.

I jumped around and gave fist pumps and cheers. I was high on running!

During the run yesterday, I chatted with Healthworks members; we talked about races and cross-training and why some people only run on the treadmill. I told some of them my story of how I became a 10-time marathoner, how it started with a single lap. They shared their stories with me. We motivated each other. We got soaking wet. It was so much fun!

So, we hope you will join us next week. Rain or shine, we will be there to get in some miles, fresh air and good company. If you’re nervous, don’t be. No one is there to judge.

Remember, the distance is nothing. It’s only the first step that matters…

PS Last week, we had a running club kick-off party at Healthworks-Back Bay, where we also toasted our Healthworks Boston Marathon runners. Meghan M. from traveleatlove was there and blogged about it. Check out her awesome post and awesome pictures.