Happy Cinco de Mayo! The fifth of May celebrates the Mexican victory over the French in the 1852 Battle of Puebla, and is most commonly observed in the form of a fiesta. Mexican food is not usually considered “health food” but there are some easy ways to lighten up some of the dishes usually served at Cinco de Mayo parties. EatingWell.com has some delicious sounding alternatives including Blueberry-Lime margaritas (for antioxidants, of course), vegetarian tortilla soup, and even avocado ice cream.

Other options for a leaner fiesta include:

  • Lightening up regular tacos using leaner ground beef, or turkey, adding on lots of lettuce and fresh pico de gallo, or turning it into taco salad by ditching the taco shell and serving on top of a bed of greens instead.
  • Steering clear of margarita recipes made from mixes, which tend to have a lot of sugar and can be very acidic. Opting for fresh lime juice and agave syrup with your tequila can cut calories and save you the heart-burn.
  • Adding healthy sides to the mix. My recipe for Citrus Jicama salad is light and refreshing, and makes a great complement to anything spicy.

Enjoy this fun holiday and our beautiful Boston weather!

– Jean