I love push-ups.  I would never think of them as punishment.  But recently I reconsidered.  I considered making the girl with the cell phone do push-ups for interrupting my class—and for interrupting everyone else’s workout.

It’s not like I haven’t seen this before.  We all see it all the time—everywhere, including the gym.  In the studio I’ve heard cell phones ring out over the music, seen people slide phones under their benches just before class begins, and noticed the flashing light of a phone vibrating in the corner.  All incidents are pesky but still less troubling than the girl a few weeks ago who was still talking on her phone as she walked into class five minutes late and who continued talking on her phone as she gathered the necessary equipment.  Not until about 10 minutes into class, once she had set everything up, did she end her call.  If I had it to do over, I would say something to her, but at the time I didn’t want to rudely call out her rudeness!  Plus, I generally think, “We’re all adults here.  People know they can’t talk on the phone during a class, don’t they?”

More recently, I’ve noticed during the brief breaks when I direct everyone to grab water or to switch equipment, there are women checking cell phones and responding to messages mid-workout.  Perhaps I am an extremely unimportant person, but I have never gotten a text message that couldn’t wait until I was done working out.

Naturally this lack of etiquette is upsetting because I find it hard to concentrate on teaching when I am sidetracked by a cell phone.  Not only that, I put time and thought into preparing for class and, while it’s an open fitness forum, talking or texting on a cell phone during my class is simply inconsiderate.

But the most disturbing part of this cell phone discourtesy, is that these women are letting their workouts be interrupted.  Your workout should be for YOU.  It should be your time free from distraction.  It’s a time to de-stress and do something good for your body.  Reserve your workout to focus on yourself and your own health.  And guard it fiercely!

When you walk into the gym or into the studio for class, I encourage you to let everything go for that brief time.  There are a lot of important things out there for us to worry about, but doesn’t our health take priority?

– Sarah